Complete Staff List

Dean of Students Staff Contact List

Organizational Units Contact List

Military Sciences - ROTC

Patrick Wall
Colonel - Navy ROTC
Todd Mencke
Commander - Navy ROTC
Lisa Black
Office Specialist, Sr - Navy ROTC
Thomas Nicholson
Colonel - Air Force ROTC
Bruce Corey
Materials Supply Controller - Air Force ROTC
Scott Jessee
Administrative Assistant - Air Force
Dale Barnett
Lieutenant Colonel - Army ROTC
Terri Peaches
Coordinator, Administrative Services - Army ROTC

Student Governance & Programs (ASUA/GPSC)

Sylvester Gaskin, Ed.D.
Assistant Dean of Students
Claudia Davila
Assistant Director, Programs
Megan Forecki
Assistant Director, Services
Janis Gallegos
Legal Services Advisor
Alexei Marquez
Coordinator, Services
Talia Myrick
Coordinator, Programs
Estella Trevers
Business Manager
Cindy J Wells Hintze
Carol Barnette
Administrative Assistant
Audrey Mattson
Administrative Assistant
Khaled Sleiman
IT Support Analyst, Principal
Patrice Moritz
Events Director, GPSC
Janelle Moser
Travel Grants Director, GPSC
Yan (Charlotte) Chen
ReaP Grants Director, GPSC