Centennial Recipients

Recognition and Awards

Senior & Provost Awards

Merrill P. Freeman Medals

Qualifications include outstanding moral force of character. Additional factors which may be considered are: popularity, receipt of athletic awards, membership in organizations, service on committees and as officers. This is a medal award.

Robie Gold Medals

Qualifications for this award include personal integrity, initiative, cooperativeness, enthusiasm, humility, well-rounded interests, active participation in student affairs, service to the University, willingness to give more than required, love of God and country. This is a medal and cash award.

Robert Logan Nugent Award

Candidates should have a record of accomplishments that exemplify the high ideals of Dr. Nugent - active and enthusiastic participation and service in community and University endeavors.

Provost Award

The Provost Award honors an outstanding graduating student who transferred to the UA with at least 36 transferable units from an Arizona community college. Criteria for the award include perseverance and commitment to academic studies, contributions to the University community and scholastic ability, citizenship, and leadership.

Senior & Provost Awards Criterion and Nomination Form

The Freeman Medal, Robie Medal, Nugent Award, and Provost Award are presented at the spring commencement. Recipients are selected in accordance with the following award criteria.

Centennial Achievement Awards

Centennial Achievement Awards Criterion and Nomination Form

The Centennial Achievement Awards are presented at the end of the fall semester. Recipients are selected in accordance with the following award criteria.

Undergraduate Centennial Achievement Award

In December 1984, the University of Arizona Division of Student Affairs created the Centennial Achievement Award to be presented annually.

Graduate Centennial Achievement Award

During the fall of 1987, the Graduate College and the Division of Campus Life established awards to recognize outstanding achievement and contributions of graduate students at the University of Arizona who have shown academic achievement despite facing challenging social, economic, or educational obstacles.

Masters Centennial Achievement Award

Doctorate Centennial Achievement Award

Difference of One Award

Presented by the Dean of Students Office SafeCats program, this award was created to recognize the difference that one person can make in the life of another and is awarded to University students, staff and faculty.


Student Award - Justin Paniagua

Faculty Award - Michael Mandel

Dean of Students Office/Departments Staff Accomplishments

The University of Arizona Dean of Students Office takes great pride in the achievements, contributions, and dedication of our staff.

December 2019

CJ Graziano Smith presented with Staff Member of the Year Award by Phi Delta Theta, Arizona Alpha.

June 2019

Rachel Brown (Graduate Assistance - Student Accountability) - presented with the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Summer Dissertation Fellowship. This award provided funds which enabled Rachel to continue working on her dissertation examining how readers use context to interpret sentences with more than one possible meaning.

February 2019

CJ Graziano Smith was recognized with the Order of Omega Outstanding Professional Award established to recognize individuals that dedicate their time and talents to guide and mentor fraternity men and women daily.

April 2018

Behavioral Intervention Team - presented with the University of Arizona's Team Award for Excellence Award in recognition of outstanding team achievement.

Fraternity & Sorority Programs

CJ Graziano Smith, Coordinator: Keynote:"The Power of Owning Your Own Story," University of Idaho's 16th Annual Advising Symposium, September 13, 2019, Moscow, Idaho

Dean of Students Office

Chrissy Lieberman, Associate Dean of Students; Robert J. Sommerfeld, Assistant Chief of Police: "Threat Assessment & Management Teams," International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators, June 27, 2019, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

CJ Graziano Smith - has been selected to serve on the 2020 National Panhellenic (NPC) Fraternity/Sorority Advisor Advisory Committee. The Committee provides NPC with feedback on College Panhellenic programming and operations.

Natasha Zake - has been selected by the Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values to serve as one of their undergraduate interns for the 2020 AFLV West Conference. Undergraduate interns provide on-site support to professional staff members and volunteers who implement various events throughout the conference.

CJ Graziano Smith - participated as a facilitator at the Phi Delta Theta Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute, July 27-30, 2019, Miami University, Oxford, OH