Be a Friend - SafeCats Safety Campaign

The UA SafeCats Be a Friend safety campaign emphasizes that real friends look out for each other. The worst thing someone who witnesses a friend in need can do is nothing.  This fall the Dean of Students Office has expanded its campaign to include three new topics:

  • Hatin’ Online
  • Too Trusting
  • Acting Rich

Hatin’ Online addresses cyberbullying a problem that occurs at all age levels.  Whether your friend is being harassed online or posting harassing statements, a real friend steps in and does something. The Be a Friend website provides suggestions on how a friend helps a friend and resources available both on and off campus.

Too Trusting deals with keeping ones personal property their own.  Often students are unsuspecting that there are those who are more than happy to walk off with someone else’s stuff, be it laptops, backpacks, cell phones, or money.  Leaving these items unsupervised or behind unlocked doors can be an invitation to someone with “sticky fingers.”  The Dean of Students Office has also created a video that deals with Protecting Personal Property - check it out.

Actin Rich tackles how a friend encourages friends to act responsibly with money.  Whether being careless with cash or credit cards, offering too much information online or being cavalier when using an ATM, a good friend steps up and offers warnings or suggestions on how to stay financially safe.

College is full of new experiences and friends are a large part of that experience.  By watching out for those we care about we can make the journey safer and more rewarding.  If someone is in trouble, the worst thing you can do is nothing – don’t assume someone else will step up.  Be a Friend, do something