Complete Staff List

Dean of Students Staff Contact List

Administrative Professionals

A. Maria Serrano
Director, Finance and Administration & Executive Associate
Alma Vejar
Business Manager, Senior
Cindy Wells Hintze
Administrative Associate
Elaine Wilson
Administrative Assistant
Sylvia Ibarra
Administrative Assistant
Bernice Rodriguez
Administrative Assistant
Yasmin Diaz Mendias
Office Specialist
Lin Zhang
Coordinator, Assessment & Research

Organizational Units Contact List

Student Governance & Programs (ASUA/GPSC)

Sylvester Gaskin, Ed.D.
Assistant Dean of Students
Talia Myrick
Assistant Director
Janis Gallego
Student Legal Services Counsel
Alexei Marquez
Estella Trevers
Business Manager
Carol Barnette
Administrative Assistant
Audrey Mattson
Administrative Assistant
Khaled Sleiman
IT Support Analyst, Principal