End-Of-The-Year Checklist!

The end of the year is busy with finals, end of the year celebrations, and saying goodbyes to friends who will be going separate ways for the summer. To make things easier on you, we have compiled a list of a few things to remember before you set off for your summer adventures.

  • If you have books that you no longer want/need, sell them back for cash!
  • If you rented out a locker at Campus Rec, be sure to remove all your items.
  • Remember to return any rented equipment or borrowed library books.
  • Make sure you fill out a mail forwarding form to have your mail sent to your summer address. If you are currently living in the residence halls, you can fill out the form online at: http://www.life.arizona.edu/my-uahousing
  • If you are leaving for the summer, remember to take your bike with you. If you will be staying and leaving your bike in a locker or enclosure, be sure to renew.
  • Clean your apartment/room thoroughly. Remember that tasks like defrosting and cleaning a fridge will need to be done at least a day in advance!
  • Look out for the donation bins on campus for any items that you can’t or don’t want to take with you.
  • If you have leftover nonperishable food items, consider donating them to the Campus Food Pantry (food can be dropped off at the front hall of the Likins Residence Hall)
  • Make sure you know the date you must be moved out by and any expectations for how you should be leaving your room so you do not accrue any additional charges. Remember to return your key before you leave!
  • Check out the awesome list of events being offered during Finals Survival Week: http://studentaffairs.arizona.edu/uafinalssurvival/