Great UA Resources!!

Whether you’re a first year Wildcat or a soon to be graduate, SafeCats presents some great UA resources that can help prevent mishap throughout the year. Best part? They’re quick, easy, and almost all free!

  1. Register your bike and purchase a U-Lock. Using a U-Lock will help decrease the chance of bike theft, and registering your bike can help authorities recover it if it does get stolen. Register your bike for free at the Campus Bicycle Station or online. You can purchase U-Locks right on campus from UAPD.
  2. Be sure to add/update your emergency contacts in UAccess. It’s important that the University knows who to contact in the event of an emergency.
  3. Sign up for UAlert and get notifications to your cell phone, mobile device, and/or email account during campus emergencies.
  4. If you are moving onto campus, be sure you know what is and isn’t allowed so you don’t have to send things back home.
  5. Program important numbers, such as SafeRide (520-621-7233) and UAPD (520-621-8273) into your phone. Download the Arizona smartphone app for quick access to important emergency numbers.

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