“I love your Black and mine!” ~~ @DerayMcKesson

The twitter phenom ends many of his tweets with this statement. Its meaning refers to the many beautiful ways Black folk wear our Blackness – and African American Student Affairs is here for it! Our mission is “to facilitate a support system that helps students achieve academic excellence and an enriching African American cultural experience at the University of Arizona. AASA provides opportunities for students to learn more about leadership, social justice and creating community.”

With its location at the MLK cultural center, AASA provides a space which many students feel is a home away from home – a place where you can be comfortable and express yourself and your ideas with others who may share your experiences and who care about your wellbeing. Currently, we are undergoing a renovation to update the space we share, thanks to the movement forwarded by the Marginalized Students of University of Arizona demands made last spring and the many Deans and administrators who listened and acted. Construction is underway and we’re looking forward to a grand reopening once it’s complete (hopefully, in April.)

As the new Director for AASA, I am enthralled with all that I’m seeing from the students who use the space! They all come from a variety of backgrounds and have many varying interests. Some are city folk and others moved here from the country. One student is interested in starting an AfroPunk movement on campus, while another is a Resident Assistant. There are athletes, law students, sorority members, and many of these same students are also in the Society of Black Engineers, are active gamers, or belong to the Black Student Union.

If you haven’t visited our space in a while, now’s the time to see what’s up! We welcome you! ~~ KC Williams, Director, African American Student Affairs