Student Assistance - A Central Support Resource

Student Assistance serves as a central support resource for all students. We help students and their families manage crises, life traumas, and other barriers that impede academic success.

The Assistance staff works to address the needs of students who struggle in such areas as:

  • Psychological health
  • Physical health
  • Victimization
  • Relationship issues
  • Social adjustment
  • Academics

Assistance is provided through a variety of interventions, referrals, and follow up services.  

We strive for a culture of caring on campus.  Specifically, staff members from the Student Assistance team can help arrange appropriate medical and/or mental health care, connect students with campus and community resources, provide tools for self-advocacy, and educate students and community members on policies and procedures. 

Please know that Student Assistance can help!  Student Assistance staff also accepts referrals and can consult by phone at (520) 621-7057.  In addition, students can be referred via our Online Referral Form.