Student Assistance: Supporting student health, wellness, and success on campus

Student Assistance is likely one department on campus that you have not heard of, but may actually be one of the most versatile and valuable resources available to students. Student Assistance is committed to helping students to overcome the crises, life traumas, and barriers they encounter that may impede their success as they navigate the university system.
Beginning with one professional staff member in the Fall of 2009, the Student Assistance team has grown to include three professional staff members and a Graduate Assistant who are eager to support student success. These staff members provide support for students facing a variety of crises and challenges.  It is their goal to create a culture of caring on campus by assisting students, faculty, and staff to addressing the increasing and changing needs of students in order to remove barriers students may face while also supporting their personal and academic success.  Student Assistance truly believes in empowering students to take an active role in their education, and that their role is to support students as they explore all of the resources and options available to address their situation.
Students can find support with issues including, but not limited to personal and family emergencies, academics, interpersonal conflicts, transition issues, and physical and mental health concerns. However, it is important to know that we do not provide mental health counseling, medical advice, academic advising, legal advice, or complete processes on behalf of students.  
Student Assistance supported approximately 1,309 students during the 2013-2014 academic year, and the number is growing.  Students have learned that it is a valuable resource to utilize when they need some extra help.  If you or your student need some extra help navigating challenges, know that you are not alone.
In addition to their individual work with students, Student Assistance has also integrated stress-relieving programming efforts into their outreach plans. Wind Down Wednesdays were created to bring students into the Dean of Students Office in order to get to know the Student Assistance and Dean of Students Staff in a relaxed setting.
Lastly, Student Assistance also offers mediation and conflict resolution.  In these conversations, trained mediators facilitate a dialogue between those in conflict.  Potential mediation situations may include verbal disagreements or arguments, property and financial disagreements, pranks, and facebook disputes.
Many students face stumbling blocks to success along the path of their academic career and Student Assistance is here to help. If you feel that yourself, or someone you know could benefit from meeting with a Student Assistance staff member, please contact us by calling 621-7057 today!