CIHE2017- About the University of Arizona

Founded in 1885 as Arizona’s first university, the University of Arizona has a storied history in advancing knowledge through innovation, engaging students in broad-based scholarship, and building meaningful partnerships that positively impact the community. With over 40,000 students enrolled, the University provides unique educational opportunities through over 300 majors among 20 colleges. The University fosters leading innovators through various fields of research as epitomized through the OSIRIS-REx Mission, which will scoop samples from a near-Earth asteroid in 2020, or Biosphere 2, a large-scale experimental apparatus housing seven model ecosystems. The University contributes to the community with over 500 community outreach programs statewide, including its Tech Parks, where students and business leaders work side-by-side to develop new technologies, and Banner—University Medical Center, which is ranked one of the best hospitals by U.S. News & World Report. The University benefits the state with an estimated annual economic impact of $8.3 billion.

We invite you to take a virtual tour to see why students, alumni, and community members are proud to call the University of Arizona home.