Keynote Speaker - CIHE 2017

Mi-Ai Parrish is president and publisher of The Arizona Republic and  She came to The Republic from The Kansas City Star Media Company, where she was president and publisher of The Kansas City Star and from June 2011 to October 2015. She also was president and publisher of The Idaho Statesman for five years before serving at The Star.
Prior to becoming a publisher, Parrish spent the majority of her career in newsroom roles ranging from reporting and copy editing, to travel editor and projects editor. Parrish served at the Minneapolis Star Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, The Arizona Republic, Chicago Sun-Times and The Virginian-Pilot.
In September 2016 the editorial board of the Arizona Republic drew scorn, disdain, and death threats after their endorsement of Hillary Clinton.  In writing of the those employees affected by the threats and insults  Ms. Parrish wrote, “[T]he journalists…walk into the newsroom every day to do their jobs.  When they do, they pass by an inscription that fills an entire wall, floor to ceiling.  It is 45 words long.  It is an idea that is in my thoughts a lot these days.  It is the First Amendment.”