AASA Comes Into 2018 in Full Force

African American Student Affairs is fully prepared to tackle all the challenges (and open to receive all the joys) that 2018 has to bring!

First, students from the Black Student Union are meeting with the university president and members of his administration regarding the demands from 2016. Next, students in the theme community, Building Leaders and Creating Knowledge (B.L.A.C.K.) are engaging in a new way of studying called SAIL (Student Advocates for Improved Learning). It’s a program, run through the UA Learning Initiative! “Undergraduate students participate in sessions with faculty and other academic professionals to learn about best practices for learning and retaining knowledge and for conceptual understanding.” (http://academicaffairs.arizona.edu/sail-student-advocates-improved-learning)

AASA is running forward with a powerful Black History Month program featuring Black poetry, music, film, and art! On February 20, students will be the beneficiaries of a viewing and analysis of the much-anticipated blockbuster, “Black Panther” with a film analysis provided by our faculty fellow, Dr. Kevin Henry. Dr. Henry is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Ph.D) and Tulane University (B.A.). He is an Assistant Professor of Educational Policy Studies and Practice in the College of Education. His interdisciplinary scholarship and teaching are concerned with understanding how power and dominance shape and structure educational policies, practices, and reforms, as well as how those in education, often marginalized by race, gender, class, and/or sexuality resist and reconstitute educational fields to be more equitable, freeing, and humanizing. More concretely, his research focuses on racial capitalism, charter schools and school choice policy, social stratification, and culturally relevant and restorative practices in education; it is informed by critical race theory, feminist theories, and queer of color critique. Does it get any better than that???

Finally, AASA has been working with the Poetry Center and will host two events in February with noted poet Terrance Hayes on February 23 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at AASA and a “Finding Your Literary Voice” program at the Poetry Center on February 13 from 630 – 8 p.m. where students will learn how to compose their own poetry.

AASA is on fire – come join!!!