Meeting with Disruptive Student Guidelines

The meeting is an opportunity for the student to understand the inappropriateness of his or her behavior and to develop strategies for continuing successfully in the class.

During the meeting:

  1. Remain calm. This may be difficult if the student is agitated or confrontational, but your calm and reasoned response will best control the meeting.
  2. Do not take behavior or remarks personally. Disruptive behavior usually results from other life problems or a general academic frustration.
  3. Be specific and identify the inappropriate behavior the student has exhibited. Describe the behavior, don't focus on the person. Explain why the behavior is a problem.
  4. Review the classroom rules and this policy.
  5. Ask questions and summarize what you hear the student saying.
  6. Focus on areas of agreement between you and the student. Conclude by summarizing any resolution and articulating expectations and the behavior that is required for the future.