HECMA Keynote Speaker



Peter F. Lake

Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Excellence in Higher Education Law and Policy
Stetson University College of Law

Feeling overwhelmed? Feeling like the better you get at doing your job the harder it gets?  That is not surprising in the context of modern case management. Case management now operates in the most highly regulated higher education environment in American history. The federal government has articulated the goal of creating “as safe as possible” learning environments, has essentially mandated the creation of a college court system, and there are new (and looming) new federal metrics for assessing cost, quality, affordability and completion rates. Federal regulatory interventions match the accelerated expectations of college “consumers,” who increasingly demand more from higher education and will not hesitate to complain or sue if those expectations are not met.  We also face increasingly multicultural populations with a nearly infinite variety of differences: Millennials, LGBTQ students, returning veterans, older learners, students with learning differences and recognized “disabilities,” international students, students with mental health disorders etc.  To succeed in this complex world of legal accountability and multiculturalism, case management systems require proper platforms for success.  What are these critical platforms and how do we create/ implement them?

In this fun and provocative keynote session we will explore four essential platforms for success in case management—compliance management, proactive educational environmental management, ERM, and multiculturalism initiatives. By examining these four platforms in some detail—and discussing promising practices like “educational conferences,” articulated qualifications and Master Academic Planning (MAPs)—you will leave with strategies and tactics to create the necessary platforms for efficient case management work.

  • Breakout 1 - Case Management, Care Teams and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

    • This highly interactive session will build off of the keynote presentation and discuss the respective roles of case management systems, care teams and ERM. Participants will learn more about promising practices and helpful literature in the field.  How do we get our various teams and risk management systems to work more effectively together?
  • Breakout 2 - NUDGES, Sheldon Coopers and Newmans

    • A handful of students occupy much of our time. Some students need that level of administrative intervention, but there are also nudges, Sheldon Coopers (Big Bang Theory) and Newmans (remember Seinfeld?) who don’t seem to belong or fit in, but persist, in our systems. This session will explore ways to work more effectively with the fabulous “five percent” that eat up time and energy with little by way of positive educational outcomes to show for it. Building again on the keynote, we will discuss the use of qualification standards, educational conferences, and new Supreme Court precedent on free speech, inter alia, to create tools to improve outcomes with the most difficult students we encounter.

Professor Lake's Biography

Peter F. Lake is professor of law, Charles A. Dana chair and director of the Center for Excellence in Higher Education Law and Policy at Stetson University College of Law. He teaches and writes in the areas of torts, higher education law and policy, insurance, and jurisprudence, and has won several awards for his teaching and scholarship. He is an internationally-recognized expert on higher education law and policy and has been quoted or referred to in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Chicago Sun Times, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Time, Cosmopolitan, various reported legal decisions including the supreme courts of Virginia and Florida, and the most recent Restatement of the Law of Torts.  Professor Lake has appeared on several major media networks, such as NPR, ABC and CNN, and has delivered hundreds of addresses at conferences and meetings across the United States. 

He has authored numerous law review articles and other publications, including three books: Beyond Discipline – Managing the Modern Higher Education Environment (Hierophant Enterprises, Inc. 2009), Foundations of Higher Education Law & Policy: Basic Legal Rules, Concepts and Principles for Student Affairs (NASPA 2011) and The Rights and Responsibilities of the Modern University: The Rise of the Facilitator University (Carolina Academic Press 2013).

Over the years, Professor Lake has served on boards and projects for several groups, most recently on the roundtable for the development of Student Mental Health and the Law: A Resource for Institutions of Higher Education (2008), published by the JED Foundation, and on the advisory board for Balancing Safety and Support on Campus: A Guide for Campus 

Teams (2012), published by the Jed Foundation and the Higher Education Mental Health Alliance.  He is involved in the VTV Family Outreach Foundation’s 32 National Campus Safety Initiative (32 NCSI) project, serving as the chairman of the Advisory Council.  Professor Lake also serves as the chair of the Stetson University College of Law’s Annual National Conference on Law and Higher Education, which is held in Orlando, Florida, each February.

Professor Lake is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School.