Getting Involved at the UA

The road to receiving a college education looks different for everyone, but campus involvement outside the classroom has been shown to improve academic success and general satisfaction with the academic experience. 

Campus involvement takes place in many ways:

  • Living on campus
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Faculty/Student interaction
  • Part-time campus jobs
  • Friendship support

The University of Arizona has several departments, resources and campus activities available to students to help you get “connected” to the university. 

UA Resources to check out include:

Dean of Students - Getting Involved (includes Cultural Centers, LGBTQ Affairs, Women’s Resource Center, VETS, Fraternity & Sorority Programs, Graduate and Professional Student Council)

ASUA – Clubs and Organizations

Center for Student Involvement & Leadership (CSIL)

Career Services/Student Employment

Residence Life

UA Extra-Curricular Activities: a good place to start

Athletics and Recreation

Gallagher Theatre

Game Room (located in the Cellar at the Student Union)

Park Student Union

Spring Fling

UA Arts and Performances


UA Clubs and Events Calendar 

However you choose to get involved, there is most likely an organization or opportunity in existence to suit your needs!