Dean of Students Office - Student Assistance

Committed to assisting students to overcome the crises, life traumas, and barriers they encounter that may impede their success.

Student Assistance staff coordinate prevention, intervention, and support efforts across campus offering objective consultation while promoting self-ownership to empower students. Staff educate the community on city and University resources, policies, and procedures.

For students in distress, which crisis is self-defined, there are a range of concerns for students such as a poor grade on an exam, difficult relationship with a roommate, ending of a romantic relationship, illness, and self-harming behavior. While Student Assistance does not provide counseling services, we do work with many students whose mental health concerns are impacting their ability to be successful in our University community, and we help them to access the support they need and work through the challenges posed by their unique situations.

For students or staff considering Student Assistance, below is what our team can help address

  • Help students arrange appropriate medical and/or mental health care
  • Connect students with appropriate campus and community resources
  • Collaborate with professionals who evaluate threat and assess risk to self and/or community
  • Monitor compliance with University behavioral expectations
  • Maintain contact with and meet with students to address needs
  • Foster self-advocacy in students to manage their academic, personal, and fiscal responsibilities
  • Educate campus community regarding policies, procedures, and support services available to students