Hidden Harm of Hazing


 What we call the “Hidden Harm” comes from the idea that we don’t know everything about the people in our lives. Because people come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences we don’t know how issues could affect them. How many people have kept a secret from a friend because it was embarrassing or painful to talk about?  How many people are still embarrassed to say they are on medication for depression, ADD, or a variety of different issues?

If someone is hazed no matter how “minor” the hazing may be, people can be affected in dramatically different ways. Many students come to college today with a history of mental illness, physical, mental or verbal abuse, body image issues or eating disorders, drugs or alcohol abuse problems. Hazing could affect someone who is currently dealing with these issues in a harmful or deadly way. 

Read more at: What We Don’t Know Can Hurt Us Most: The Hidden Harm of Hazing, by Travis Apgar and Ross Szabo