Mediation & Conflict Coaching

Student Assistance provides mediation services in which a neutral mediator facilitates a dialogue between those in conflict. It is ultimately up to the parties involved to reach a mutually agreeable solution. If students are experiencing conflict with another student (or students) Student Assistance can help. Contact the Dean of Students Office to schedule an initial consultation.

Potential Mediation Situations Issues Beyond the Scope of Mediation
Verbal disagreements/arguments Physical fights/violence
Property disputes Sexual assault
Financial disagreements Repeat offenses
Pranks Criminal or civil offenses
Facebook disputes  

Conflict coaching can be helpful to students facing a conflict they are unsure how to approach or manage. In conflict coaching, Student Assistance staff help students engage in and productively resolve conflict, working one-on-one with the student. The conflict can be with another student or even faculty, staff, family or community member. Conflict coaching is available to online students via phone.