Responding to Suspicious Behavior

  • If a student uses notes or crib sheets, immediately and discreetly, confiscate the notes.
  • If a student inappropriately uses a computer/cell phone and/or other electronic device, announce that no such devices are permitted during class, and/or discreetly confiscate the device until the end of the class period.
  • If students are talking, announce that no talking is permitted during the exams, and/or quietly ask the students to stop talking.
  • If students are talking or otherwise exchanging information, they can be asked to change seats or move apart.
  • If a student looks at others' work, announce to the class that all work is individual and/or quietly tell the student that eyes must be kept on one's own paper.
  • Document the student's suspicious behavior and identify those students involved by setting their exams aside and recording their names.
  • If possible have another proctor/instructor confirm the behavior.

If you determine that an academic integrity violation occurred, report the incident to the Dean of Students Office.  Information about the reporting procedures can found at "Reporting a Violation."