Congratulations to our 2023 Centennial Achievement Award Recipients!

Every year, the University of Arizona recognizes a group of outstanding graduating seniors in the Wildcat community who have demonstrated significant contribution, accomplishment, moral of character, and integrity among the community.  This year, the Dean of Students Office congratulates the following recipients:

  • Grayson Agrella - Undergraduate Award
  • Emily Wright - Undergraduate Award
  • Molly Case - Graduate Award
  • Abigael McGuire - Graduate Award
  • Brianna Billingsley - Ph.D. Award
  • Elia Bueno - Ph.D. Award
  • Gerardo Figueroa - Ph.D. Award
  • Hyeonchang Gim - Ph.D. Award
  • Yuhyun Park - Ph.D. Award

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Yuyhun Park

University of Arizona Ph.D. Student Yuhyun Park 


Emergency Notification Letters

Are issued when students are absent due to a crisis situation or unexpected illness and are unable to contact instructors directly. The Dean of Students Office is unable to require faculty to excuse absences or grant make-up work. However, we encourage faculty to keep in mind that students who utilize the emergency notification service are typically recovering from a crisis and benefit from appropriate consideration.

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