Safety Policies

Safety Policies

Arizona Good Samaritan Law
As part of the Opioid Epidemic Act, The state of Arizona passed a Good Samaritan Law to ensure people seeking help for overdoses will not face legal ramifications for seeking emergency care.

Health & Safety Emergency Protocol
A procedural guide for responding to student health and safety emergencies reported to the Dean of Students Office

Missing Student Policy
The University of Arizona has developed the following policy to provide information to students and parents and to guide the efforts of University staff members when they suspect and/or have determined a resident student is missing.

Title IX
The University of Arizona is committed to fostering a learning, working, and living environment free from all forms of discrimination, including sexual and gender-based harassment and violence. Learn more about the University's Title IX policies.

University of Arizona Hazing Policy
The University of Arizona seeks to promote a safe environment where students may participate in activities and organizations without compromising their health, safety or welfare. Prevention of hazing is the responsibility of every member of the University community

University of Arizona Good Samaritan Protocol
Learn how to help a friend with alcohol poisoning without legal ramifications using the University's proactive Good Samaritan Protocol