First Amendment

As a public university, the University of Arizona honors its commitment to the freedoms guaranteed under the First Amendment of the Constitution.  Many speakers using our campus will have messages which seem inconsistent with the mission and values of our institution. In the “marketplace of ideas” not all ideas will resonate with the listener and may even create anger. If you choose to stay and listen to the speaker, please do so respectfully.

Please contact the Dean of Students Office at 520-621-7057 with any questions regarding First Amendment activities on campus or for rally or protest planning assistance. 

First Amendment Rally Toolkit

First Amendment Basics Guidelines

Rally Toolkit

First Amendment Policies

First Amendment Policies

Revive Civility National Community

Discussion guides to help citizens start talking with—and listening to—each other more effectively. 

Revive Civility

Report a Concern

Resources for reporting concerns regarding disruptive/unprotected speech

Report a Concern