First Amendment

First Amendment

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The University of Arizona’s values define who we are and what we stand for. All who work, live, study, and teach at the University of Arizona are members of the Wildcat community and strive to uphold these core values through their words, actions, and professional conduct.

As a community of engaged scholars and learners, we are committed to freedom of expression, academic freedom, and collaborative inquiry. We support creativity and innovation by valuing all voices and engaging in respectful discourse. While we may not always agree with the ideas and opinions of others, we must honor their right to express them.

Please explore and utilize this website as a resource. If you have questions or concerns regarding First Amendment activities, or for rally or protest planning assistance, please contact the Dean of Students Office at 520-621-7057.

Information for Students

No matter where you are on your academic journey, all UA students have one thing in common – you are here to learn and grow. At the core of UA’s educational mission is a deep-seated commitment to providing each student with an environment that facilitates meaningful learning and growth. Inherently connected to this commitment is our obligation as a public institution to uphold the First Amendment. 

Throughout your academic journey you will undoubtedly be exposed to viewpoints and opinions with which you disagree. Perhaps these opposing viewpoints will move you to change your thinking on a particular topic, or perhaps they will serve to deepen your original stance. The university’s goal is not to teach students what to think, rather it is to facilitate each student’s ability to exercise independent judgement and, in the process, produce engaged learners who are informed and critical consumers of knowledge. 

It is our sincere hope that during your time as a Wildcat you will be exposed to a wide range of ideas, that you will engage in civil discourse, that you will disagree respectfully, and that as a result of this process – you will learn and grow. This learning and growth would be impossible if UA attempted to shield people from ideas and opinions they find unwelcome, or if members of the university community tried to silence speakers whom they detest. Indeed, the solution to speech is not censorship, it is more speech.

The Dean of Student’s office fully supports students who wish to add their own voices and opinions to UA’s diverse marketplace of ideas and this website contains the information and resources for you to do just that. 

Best Practices to Consider While Attending a Rally/Demonstration

The Dean of Students Office has established the following tips to address concerns of safety as any large gathering can place participants at risk for the virus.

First Amendment Rally Toolkit

First Amendment Basics Guidelines

First Amendment Policies

Policy and Regulations Governing the Use of the Campus

National Institute for Civil Discourse (NICD)

A non-partisan organization based at the University of Arizona to promote healthy and civil political debate

Report a Concern

Resources for reporting concerns regarding disruptive/unprotected speech

Wild Perspectives

With a mindset of “Fearless Inquiry” you can navigate the many perspectives you may encounter as a student both in and beyond the classroom.