Academic Integrity

The University of Arizona Board of Regents expects ethical behavior among every single student in the state of Arizona. Both students and staff have the responsibility of following and understanding the Code of Academic Integrity.

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Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for understanding and following the University of Arizona Code of Academic Integrity.  Students engaging in academic dishonesty diminish their education and bring discredit to the academic community and the campus. Students should avoid situations likely to compromise academic integrity.

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Faculty Responsibilities

Faculty members and instructors should foster an environment of honesty in their classes and notify students of their course policies related to academic integrity.  Faculty and instructors should make reasonable efforts to avoid situations conducive to infractions of the University's Code of Academic Integrity.

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For Instructors Only: Submit an Academic Integrity Report

Before submitting a report, please ensure you have met with the student to discuss the alleged violation. If you believe the student is responsible for violating the Code of Academic Integrity, please submit a report. For information on the Academic Integrity process, please click here.