Student Code of Conduct

All University of Arizona students have agreed to abide by the standards for behavior set forth by the Arizona Board of Regents. The Student Code of Conduct is in place to create a safe, healthy, and responsible environment that allows UA students, faculty, and staff to be successful in their daily endeavors and to achieve long term goals.

The Dean of Students Office is committed to our community’s success. Our staff addresses potential Student Code of Conduct violations (Section F, Prohibited Conduct) by:

  • Alerting the student(s) involved that we are aware of the potential violation
  • Giving the student(s) the opportunity to respond to the allegations
  • Determining if it is more likely than not that a violation(s) occurred

The Student Code of Conduct Process flowchart provides additional information.

Students found responsible for violations will be assigned sanctions (Student Code of Conduct, Section G. Sanctions) that are intended to be educational in nature, protective of the community, and relevant to the case.

Disciplinary records are considered part of students’ education record. Disciplinary records stays on file with the Dean of Students Office for 5 years, or until graduation, with the exception of suspension and expulsion, which are permanently kept on file.

Education interventions for a first time violation of the Student Code of Conduct typically include a monetary sanction, parental notification for drugs or alcohol (students under the age of 21), an educational course such as Personal Responsibility, personal reflection or community service, and deferred eviction for our students living on campus.  Severe offense such as threats, harm, or sexual misconduct often result in suspension and expulsion.

Filing a Student Code of Conduct Complaint

If you believe a student has violated the Student Code of Conduct and would like to file a complaint, please complete this online form or call (520) 621-7057


Filing a Sexual Misconduct Report

If you believe a student has been impacted by sexual misconduct, or committed sexual misconduct, please complete this online form or call (520) 621-9449.