Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Dean of Students Office!
Let’s begin with a reality check - The Dean of Students is often portrayed as an “us versus them,” unhappy individual who thrives on spoiling the fun for students. Think about these shows/movies:

Animal House (1979):  Dean Vernon Wormer’s primary goal was to expel a fraternity.

Monsters University (2013): Dean Hardscrabble stated, “It's my job to make great students greater, not make mediocre students less mediocre.”

Sigh…  We’re more like Dean Dorothy Dandridge Davenport from the 1987-1993 sitcom, "A Different World," compassionate, caring, motivating, mentoring, advising, and holding students accountable.

The core values of the University of Arizona are Integrity, Exploration, Inclusion, Adaptation, Determination, and Compassion. We embrace the ideals and meaning of each value; however, our engagement with our Wildcat community members is to lead with compassion. We support students, staff, faculty and families, at their heights of achievement, their most challenging situation, and everything in between. We are invested in your success, so each time you engage with a Dean of Students Office staff member, we will ask three questions:

Who are you? How are you? How can I help you?

Bear Down! Go Cats!

Kendal Washington White
Vice Provost for Campus Life and Dean of Students