Recommendations for Intervention

Recommendations for Intervention

Intervention Step #1

Ask the student to immediately and respectfully end the behavior by:

  1. Ask the student to stay after class so that you can discuss why the behavior is inappropriate or disruptive (see meeting guidelines)
  2. Take a break during class and ask the student to end the behavior

NOTE: All of these verbal conversations should be followed up via an email to the student which summarizes the conversation.

Intervention Step #2

(If the behavior has continued)

  1. Let the student know that he/she needs to meet with you as soon as possible about his/her continued behavior in order to return to class (see meeting guidelines)
  2. You should follow up in writing to the student via email outlining the behavior, the rules that were violated, and future expectations for class participation. This is a written warning.
  3. The written warning should also include notice that any subsequent violation of the classroom rules or University policy will result in the instructor filing a Student Code of Conduct Complaint with the Dean of Students Office for failure to comply with University policy.

NOTE: Faculty member should keep a log describing disruptive behavior and documenting the meetings and conversations that have occurred with the student. These documents should be kept on file.

Intervention Step #3

  1. If the student has not changed his/her behavior, the case must be referred to the Dean of Students Office (520) 621-7057 and a Student Code of Conduct Complaint must be submitted online.
  2. Hand-deliver or email all related documentation (including but not limited to an official complaint form, any written documentation to prior incidents, names of witnesses) and incidents describing disruptive behavior to the Dean of Students Office.
  3. The instructor must also notify his/her Department Head or Dean of the matter.