Examples of Violations

All forms of academic dishonesty including those below are prohibited.

  • Cheating, fabrication, facilitating academic dishonesty, and plagiarism.
  • Submitting an item of academic work that has previously been submitted, or is simultaneously submitted, without fair citation of the original work, or without authorization by the faculty member supervising the work.
  • Violating disciplinary and professional ethics rules contained or referenced in the student handbooks (hardcopy or online) of undergraduate, graduate, or professional programs.
  • Violating (discipline specific) health, safety, or ethical requirements to gain an unfair advantage in lab(s) or clinical assignments.
  • Failing to observe the rules of academic integrity established by a faculty member for a particular course.
  • Attempting to commit an act prohibited by the Code of Academic Integrity. Any attempt to commit an act prohibited by these rules shall be subject to sanctions to the same extent as completed acts.
  • Assisting, or attempting to assist, another student to violate the Code of Academic Integrity.