Faculty Academic Integrity Resources

Code of Academic Integrity Process Flowchart

The Code of Academic Integrity Process Flowchart provides step-by-step information to make the process clearer.

Promoting Academic Integrity

Faculty resources for promoting academic integrity in the classroom.

Responding to Suspicious Behavior

Suggested actions to be taken when suspicious behavior occurs in the classroom

Reporting a Violation

Instructions for reporting academic misconduct.

Academic Integrity Sanctions

All students reported to the Dean of Students Office for violation of the University of Arizona Code of Academic Integrity are required to attend an Academic Integrity Workshop. Additionally, instructors will assign one or more sanction(s).

Academic Integrity FAQs

The following are frequently asked questions in relation to the academic integrity misconduct process.

Responsibilities for Dean of the College

Learn what your responsibilities as Dean of the College are as well as how our office helps support the process.

Artificial Intelligence in Teaching & Learning

Learn more about these University resources that will help instructors learn more about the capabilities of AI and how they can effectively use the tool to help students recognize fabrication, biases, inaccuracies, or shallow reasoning.

For Instructors Only: Submit an Academic Integrity Report

Before submitting a report, please ensure you have met with the student to discuss the alleged violation. If you believe the student is responsible for violating the Code of Academic Integrity, please submit a report. Reach out to DOS-deanofstudents@email.arizona.edu should you have any additional questions.