Behavioral Intervention Team

The University of Arizona is concerned about the health and safety of our students and is committed to providing support to students in distress.  The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is an interdisciplinary team of trained professionals who monitor student behavior, develop appropriate intervention plans, and coordinate services for students.

The purpose of BIT is to assess and coordinate the University’s response to student behavior that may require intervention. BIT provides a proactive and team approach to enhance students’ physical and emotional safety.

BIT does not take the place of standard classroom management techniques used by faculty. Existence of this team does not alter existing discipline policies. Rather, BIT centralizes the reporting of concerning student behavior, publicizes current policies, and encourages early intervention.

BIT is chaired by the Dean of Students Office and the team is comprised of leadership from:

  • Counseling and Psych Services
  • The Disability Resource Center
  • The Office of Institutional Equity
  • Residence Life
  • Student Accountability
  • Student Assistance
  • UA Police Department