Occasionally interactions with a student raise concerns. Depending on your role, you could be the first person to identify that a student needs help. We encourage you to point students towards resources that will benefit them.

We recommend you:

  • Contact a student directly if you have a concern about the student
  • Speak to the student privately, and in person. whenever possible
  • Contact the student by email or phone and schedule a time to meet with them if you are unable to speak with them privately and in person
  • Based on your conversation, refer the student to the appropriate campus resource such as Residence Life, the Dean of Students Office, Counseling and Psych Services, the Disability Resource Center, or their academic advisor

Please know that Student Assistance can help! If you are ever unsure about how to help, Student Assistance staff accepts referrals and can consult by phone or email. You can also refer students by submitting our Online Referral Form.

When a student's needs are more than you feel prepared to assist, a referral to Student Assistance is a great way to help.

If you have helped a student resolve an issue, but you suspect more assistance is required, contact us. If the student contacts Student Assistance directly, or other faculty and staff make a similar referral for assistance, it will be good for us to know the student’s history.