Threatening Behavior

Threatening Behavior

Any statement, communication, conduct or gesture directed toward any member of the University community that causes a reasonable apprehension of physical harm to a person or property is threatening behavior.

Each person responds differently to the behaviors of others. Encounters with students that leave you frightened and in fear for your personal safety should be taken very seriously.

Examples of Threatening Behavior

  • Direct or implied threats of violence
  • Challenges to fight
  • Shoving
  • Physical attacks
  • Stalking
  • Threatening phone calls, emails, or other correspondence

Policy on Threatening Behavior by Students

Reporting Threatening Behavior

If student's conduct causes a reasonable fear of immediate physical harm to self, others or property:

  1. Leave the area immediately
  2. Call the police by dialing 9-1-1 to request that an officer come to the location. Inform the police if it is a repeat occurrence.
  3. Anyone who observes what appears to be threatening behavior must report it to the Dean of Students Office and in the appropriate case, file a Student Code of Conduct Complaint.
  4. University employees who observe what appears to be threatening behavior must also report it to their supervisor or Department Head, who should report it to the Dean.

NOTE: Threatening behavior requires mandatory reporting to the police, the Dean of Students Office, and the Department Head or Dean