UA Diversion

UA Diversion

The purpose of this program is to use educational opportunities with students rather than criminal process to address behavior that results in contact with UAPD. Eligible students are referred to the Dean of Students Office by the Pima County Attorney’s Office or UAPD. Upon successful completion of the diversion program, the student will not have a criminal record related to the misdemeanor offense but will instead have an understanding of how their behavior was not in line with University's expectations and how to make better decisions moving forward.

UA Diversion Flowchart

The Diversion Process Flowchart provides step-by-step information to make the process clearer.


The UA Diversion Program provides University of Arizona students with the opportunity to have misdemeanor charges dismissed upon completion of the program. The program is voluntary and is in lieu of prosecution.

An individual must be referred to the program by the University of Arizona Police Department or the Pima County Attorney’s Office. Students diverted directly by the University Police Department will be notified of program requirements via email to their University of Arizona email account. Students diverted by the Pima County Attorney’s Office must bring in the diversion paperwork given to them by the Pima County Attorney’s Office. The Dean of Students Office confirms that the individual is a University student, the citation was issued by the University Police Department and that the individual has not completed UA Diversion before.

The Dean of Students Office will provide confirmation of enrollment to the referring agency, and send instructions to students via their university email account. Students referred by the University of Arizona Police Department do not need to bring any paperwork to the Dean of Students Office. Students referred by the Pima County Attorney’s Office must bring the referral sheet and court minute entry to the Dean of Students Office.

Many misdemeanor violations including minor in possession of alcohol, possession of drugs or paraphernalia, possession of false identification, disorderly conduct, theft, and littering may be eligible. Not all misdemeanor charges are eligible for UA Diversion.

Sanctions are assigned on a case-by-case basis. However, typical sanctions may include community service and a corresponding reflection paper, an educational workshop or class, and a monetary sanction. In cases where alcohol or drugs are involved and the student is under 21 years of age, the Dean of Students Office sends notification letters to parents/guardians.

Monetary sanctions start at $120 for first-time violations. Subsequent violations result in amounts up to $180.

Yes, community service hours may be completed at any registered non-profit organization. If you have questions about an organization or how to document your hours, you are strongly encouraged to contact the Dean of Students Office prior to beginning your hours. Hours which are improperly documented may be rejected.

No, sanction deadlines are not extended.

If sanctions are not timely completed, the case will be returned to the referring agency for continued prosecution. A hold will be placed on the student’s account, which will prevent the student from registering for classes, graduating, or obtaining transcripts.

No. Participation in UA Diversion is a one-time opportunity.

Attorneys are not required for the diversion process, but a student may choose to have one. ASUA Legal Services Program provides free legal advice to students. For more information call (520) 621-2782 or visit their website.

UA Diversion cases are recorded in a student’s University disciplinary record as a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. Disciplinary records are maintained separately from transcripts, and a student must typically sign a waiver to allow the Dean of Students Office to release information from their disciplinary record. Records are maintained until the student graduates, or 5 years have passed since the last sanction was completed, whichever comes first.

Completion of the UA Diversion Program does not expunge the student’s court record. The court should be consulted with questions regarding their records. If a student is diverted directly by the University of Arizona Police Department, there is not a criminal record of the incident.

If a follow up court date is given, the student should return to court. Once the court receives confirmation that the student is enrolled in the UA Diversion Program, a return date is not typically assigned. If you have question about a court date please contact the Pima County Justice Court.

The Dean of Students Office at (520) 621-7057

The Pima County Justice Court at (520) 724-3171

The Pima County Attorney’s Office at (520) 740-5600