Code of Conduct Student FAQs

Code of Conduct Student FAQs

The Student Code of Conduct provides expectations of behavior for all University of Arizona students. Behavioral expectations support each student’s opportunity to learn and participate as members of the University of Arizona community.

UA Student Code of Conduct

Sanctions may be imposed for misconduct that occurs on university property or during any university-sponsored activity (including online classes). Certain off-campus conduct may also be subject to discipline. With respect to student organizations and their members, university jurisdiction extends to premises used, or controlled by, the organizations.

All students who are investigated for an alleged violation of the Student Code of Conduct are informed of the conduct complaint by letter sent to their University email address.

Code of Conduct violation can be reported online at or by contacting an appropriate Dean of Students Office staff member.

A staff member in the Dean of Students Office determines whether to dismiss the complaint or investigate the student based on available information. The staff member will give the student an opportunity to respond to the allegations before making a determination.

Student Code of Conduct Process Flowchart

The Dean of Students Office may place a hold on a student's institutional records for a variety of reasons. Please contact the office (520) 621-7057 if you have a question about a hold placed by our office.

Questions can be addressed to a Student Accountability staff member by calling (520) 621-7057

Students in a disciplinary process may be assisted by an advisor. The advisor is selected by the student and may be a faculty or staff member, student, attorney, or other associate of the student.

Please learn more about advisors in the conduct process here.

Students may be accountable civilly, criminally, and administratively for acts that are both illegal and constitute violations of the Student Code of Conduct. At the discretion of university officials, disciplinary action at the university may proceed before, during, or after legal proceedings.

As guided by federal law, we are allowed, under certain circumstances, to disclose information about students.

Some of these circumstances are:

  • Violations of the Student Code of Conduct involving underage students possessing and/or consuming alcohol and/or drugs
  • Serious health and safety concerns

The right of access to information in a student’s education record is governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, (FERPA.)

For additional questions call the Dean of Students Office (520) 621-7057