Student Academic Integrity Resources

Code of Academic Integrity Process Flowchart

The Code of Academic Integrity Process Flowchart provides step-by-step information to make the process clearer.

Responding to a Violation

If your instructor alleges you were involved in academic dishonesty, it is important that you know your rights.

Examples of Violations

Academic dishonesty can take a number of forms including, but not limited to the following:

Academic Integrity Sanctions

All students reported to the Dean of Students Office for violation of the University of Arizona Code of Academic Integrity are required to attend an Academic Integrity Workshop. Additionally, instructors will assign one or more sanction(s).

Avoiding Academic Dishonesty

Recommendations that will help you prevent Academic Dishonesty.

Academic Integrity FAQs

The following are frequently asked questions in relation to the academic integrity misconduct process.

For Students: Academic Integrity & Plagiarism Awareness Workshop

Were you sanctioned to complete an academic integrity workshop and/or a plagiarism awareness workshop? You can register for a session by clicking the button below. All our workshops are fully virtual and held on D2L.